Start weight:
87 kilos (172cm)
Current weight:
70 kilos
Weight lost:
17 kilos
Time frame:
5 months

As I got older I found it harder to lose weight. Everything I tried had failed until I started with Lite n’ Easy.

The turning point came when I went shopping with my mum to buy some new winter clothes for work because “nothing” in my wardrobe fitted anymore. I’d been buying size 14 clothes for a while, but I found myself having to buy “generous” size 16, mainly loose fitting dresses which was very depressing.

My husband and I had lost weight successfully with Lite n’ Easy about 15 years ago so I thought I’d give it another really good go. I ordered 3 meals a day and stuck to it strictly and to my delight I started losing weight straight away. I was 87 kilos when I started in April and I reached my goal of 70 kilos in September, less than 5 months!

As long as I stuck to the program, I saw results which was incredible. Not only have I reached my goal but Lite n’ Easy has re-taught me about portion size and regular healthy snacks.

I feel so much healthier, I have so much more energy. I enjoy swimming and do PT twice a week and the good thing is, the more weight I have lost, the harder I can work at PT so I’ve ended up much fitter and stronger as well.

I feel fantastic and I enjoy dressing again so Lite n’ Easy has been amazing on all levels!

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