Start weight:
Size 14-16
Current weight:
Size 10-12
Weight lost:
2 sizes (10-11 kilos)
Time frame:
6 months

A year ago I found out my son was getting married so I decided to do something about my weight. I’m a bank manager and so I sit down most of the day. We ate out a lot and ordered take away quite often as I was never a good cook and often too tired to bother. As a consequence the kilos steadily crept on and I was felt quite lethargic.

I saw the Lite n’ Easy ad on TV and thought I would try it. My son is a professional boxer and always eats healthily, so we got our heads together and decided I would order the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan. I joined his  gym and started boxing and spin classes. With the healthy eating and exercise I found in four weeks that my body was starting to change. Since then I have dropped 2 dress sizes.

The Lite n’ Easy food is delicious and so varied and easy to have when you live a busy life.  Now I have turned it around and my son and other family members are proud of what I have achieved. I don’t like to weigh myself but I have gone from a size 14-16  down to a 10-12 and I am feeling absolutely amazing!

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