Elizabeth Mc

Start weight:
84 kilos (175cm)
Current weight:
68 kilos
Weight lost:
16 kilos
Time frame:
5 months

I always thought weight loss was not going to happen for me. I was great at starting a healthy eating plan but the follow through was hard! Some friends had started Lite n’ Easy for the convenience, so I just decided to give it a try. I liked the idea of Lite n’ Easy because the food was ready to go which meant I had no more excuses.

Once I started, it was so easy to stay committed because everything was prepared for me. I love not worrying about what I’m going to eat for lunch or dinner during the week. I always have lunch to take to work and I’ve saved a lot of money on takeaways.

Lite n’ Easy also gave me more time to focus on my active lifestyle. As I lost weight, I found it easier to stay active. I have been running for a few years, but losing weight has made me much more confident about pursuing my goals. This year I ran my first marathon and I’m already looking ahead to my next one.

Eating better has lead to me feeling better and more in control of my life.  As I lost weight, I started enjoying everything more and I have a much more active lifestyle now.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy!

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