Dr Rae

Start weight:
83.6 kilos
Current weight:
63.6 kilos
Weight lost:
20 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

“I could be described as a very experienced dieter, having tried everything over the years.  I have managed to lose weight successfully on occasion but as soon as I let my guard down and as work stress increased it all would gradually re-accumulate.

“Being a general practitioner I am very aware of the danger of developing mature age diabetes and other health risks of being overweight. In January 2013 I decided to start with Lite n’ Easy, prompted by the fact I had developed a degree of swelling around my ankles which suggested my weight was placing my heart under stress.

“I am very glad to say that Lite n’ Easy has indeed solved all of these problems.  I lost 20 kilos in 8 months, just in time for my daughter’s wedding and I feel great!  My husband has been very supportive.  He orders the 1800 calorie Lunch & Dinner Plan then does his own breakfast.

“I have been delighted with the quality of the food and the excellent dietary balance Lite n’ Easy provides. Having all of our food delivered has also given me freedom from the constant bother of menu planning, shopping for food and preparing meals.  This in turn gives me time for much more rewarding activities.

“All of this makes me very happy to promote Lite n’ Easy to my patients interested in achieving a much healthier lifestyle and to continue ordering for myself and my husband indefinitely.”

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*Individual results may vary.

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