Start weight:
119 kilos (183cm)
Current weight:
88 kilos
Weight lost:
31 kilos
Time frame:
5 months

My lifestyle before Lite n’ Easy was a concern with my weight at 119 kilos. I was eating a typical “tradie’s diet” during the day, I had high cholesterol, my energy levels weren’t that great and my knees and back were starting to feel the pressure of carrying the extra kilos. There is diabetes in my family and I also knew the extra weight around my mid-section could potentially lead to a heart attack.

A big passion of mine is racing cars and I knew with losing the weight, I would be able to fit into my race suit more comfortably and my lap times would improve due to less weight in my car.

With all of this, I knew I had to do something about my weight.

It was after seeing a client who had been on Lite n’ Easy and lost a lot of weight, I made the decision I would give it a go. I started on the 1800 Calorie Meal Plan and I couldn’t believe how tasty the food was and that my breakfast, lunch and dinner were all sorted. I started losing weight at a healthy pace and actually looked forward to every meal. This wasn’t a diet, this was a “way of life”.

With such amazing results, I was able to drop my calorie intake down to 1500 Calorie Meal Plan. I always felt full and never looked for anything else to eat as my mind and stomach had connected to feeling happily full and satisfied.

I lost 31 kgs in only 20 weeks! I feel so much better mentally and physically and finding I can get through a day’s work so much easier. My weight is now in a healthy range, my fitness levels are amazing, back and knee pain gone, cholesterol perfect, no more heavy snoring, my race suit fits perfectly, lap times improved and overall, I am winning at life!

I love the food, the menus, the variety, so much so that I plan on staying on Lite n’ Easy forever to maintain a healthy weight. I’ve learned so much about health & balance, lifestyle and strength, all thanks to Lite n’ Easy.​ Everyone asks me ‘Are you still on that diet?’ and I reply with: it’s not a diet, it’s Lite n’ Easy – just good healthy food in the correct portions delivered to you.

Here I was with so many serious health issues and mentally flat, to living my dream. I got my life back, 31 kilos lighter and I’m living!

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