Start weight:
85 kilos
Current weight:
61 kilos
Weight lost:
24 kilos
Time frame:
20 weeks

After the loss of my husband 2 years ago I stacked on the weight and peaked at 85 kilos. My job is quite physical and I was struggling with my fitness and becoming short of breath quite often.

In the past I had tried losing weight with different fad diets and exercise, but they never worked very well. I would lose a few kilos but never achieved my desirable result. I was sick of waking up every day with a lack of energy and no clothes that fitted. So last winter I decided it was time to lose some weight and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

Lite n’ Easy helped give me the kick start I needed. Within weeks, the weight began to drop and I started to exercise with a new found energy.

After 5 months I had reached my goal weight of 61 kilos and was able to get much more enjoyment out of the the things I love doing like hiking, kayaking and fishing.

Now I fit into size 10 clothes and have the confidence in myself to get back into the dating scene. I have been asked by so many people how I lost the weight and I have told them it was all thanks to Lite n’ Easy which kick started a healthier life style.

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