I have been a fan and loyal customer of Lite n’ Easy for over 10 years now. Most people think Lite n’ Easy is just for people who want to lose weight. Not me!

I’m a shift worker and it’s not easy when you’re working 12 hour day and night shifts to prepare good, nutritious meals for myself and my family.

This is where Lite n’ Easy has been a God send for me. I have a variety of delicious Lite n’ Easy dinners stored in my freezer for the family to tuck into when I’m at work and not able to prepare dinner at home. The family love them – so many different varieties to choose from!

It’s very easy to slip into bad habits like buying fast food when you’re a shift worker, particularly late at night. I always bring my Lite n’ Easy meals to work so that I can have a delicious, nutritious meal anytime – even on the grave yard shift!

Lite n’ Easy – you’re my saviour!

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