I chose Lite n’ Easy to help me during recovery from an eating disorder. I had become so restrictive with the types of foods I ate, it got to a point where I was so stressed about food that something had to change.

A friend suggested Lite n’ Easy and I’m so grateful she did.

The results from Lite n’ Easy have been amazing. Rather than spending all my time and energy worrying about food, I’m able to get on with my day knowing the food side of things will be healthy and calorie controlled for me. What I enjoy most about the programme is that I’m able to enjoy foods that I had once taught myself were ‘bad’, such as pasta, bread, even cake and biscuits.

It’s easy, convenient and the food is delivered right to my door, which after working 10 hour long days makes my life so much better.

It’s still a mental game almost every day, however at least with the consistent, tasty meals that Lite n’ Easy offers, the food part of my day isn’t anywhere near as stressful as it once was.

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