Start weight:
97 kilos (157cm)
Current weight:
62 kilos
Weight lost:
35 kilos
Time frame:
1 year

Before Lite n’ Easy I had struggled with my weight for some time. At only 157cm tall and 97 kilos I was terrified of hitting the triple digits. For years, I had heard the words from so many people: “you have such a pretty face, if only you lost a few kilos…”  Enjoying wine and greasy food, I bemoaned the unfairness that I was simply destined to be overweight. When I saw the photos of my engagement party though, I knew I had to do something about it.

I started ordering Lite n’ Easy on the advice of my personal trainer who told me something that resonated. I had been abusing my body with ridiculous amounts of bad food for years, so no wonder I was so overweight and unhealthy.

And so enter Lite n’ Easy. I started the 1200 Calorie 7 Day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan and have not skipped a week since. I set little goals along the way – to fit into a certain dress by Christmas, for example. If friends wanted to catch up, I would organise a coffee catch-up rather than splurging on indulgent foods and alcohol. I also made sure I stuck to the eating program and exercise as much as possible so that it became a habit, to make a permanent change to my lifestyle.

My goal was to get to into the 60s before my wedding and with Lite n’ Easy’s delicious food and regular exercise – I made it! Last month I was married, wearing a dress I never would have dreamed I’d fit into a year ago.

I am one happy girl!

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