Start weight:
79 kilos
Current weight:
54 kilos
Weight lost:
25 kilos
Time frame:
28 weeks

I put on a lot of weight after having my 4 children. Juggling kids and work made it a constant struggle trying to fit in a healthy and balanced diet for myself while looking after everyone else. I decided it was time to try and focus on my own health and wellbeing because I wanted to feel better and to improve my confidence as well.

I decided on the Lite n’ Easy program because I heard reports about the great tasting food. For a busy Mum like me it was convenient and provided balanced meals that I could grab on the run.

I set small, achievable goals to help keep me motivated and on track and I gradually lost the weight. As my confidence and energy levels improved, I started playing netball and attending pilates classes. Within 7 months I dropped a total of 25 kilos!

I am feeling a lot healthier and more confident in myself after reaching my pre-baby weight. I am also a lot fitter and able to live an active lifestyle with my husband and young kids.

I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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*Individual results may vary


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