Start weight:
84 kilos (173cm)
Current weight:
69 kilos
Weight lost:
15 kilos
Time frame:
15 weeks

I started Lite n’ Easy to help me on my journey towards better health. As a fast food restaurant manager, I was constantly surrounded by poor food choices and found it difficult to manage my time and food throughout the week, with long and irregular shifts only making it more difficult.

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy suited my shift work schedule, as I was able to grab food and go whenever I needed to. The structured meal plan showed me what to eat, correct portion sizes and the importance of planning ahead to have healthy choices available.

My original goal was to lose 14 kilos by my 25th birthday in March. I did much better than that and lost 15 kilos in only 16 weeks! I’ve never been healthier or slimmer. I have so much energy and a new lease on life.

And my favourite part of the whole experience? Buying a whole new wardrobe!

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