Start weight:
59 kilos (154cm)
Current weight:
54 kilos
Weight lost:
5 kilos
Time frame:
3 months

I’m a full time shift-working nurse so for me convenience is paramount. I also live alone since my children are now adults and found I was wasting a lot of food going off in the fridge and also spending a lot on take away and eating out.

My weight had snuck up to 59 kilos but I’m only 154 cm tall and so was starting to feel it. Having booked a trip to Hawaii earlier this year I decided to try Lite n’ Easy for one week – I was hooked!

I didn’t have to shop, cook, wash up or scratch around at midnight for something to take to work the next day. As a foodie the Lite n’ Easy meals taste home cooked and the freshness of the salads and the fruit is amazing!

In the month before my trip I lost 3 kilos and saved $1000 for spending money for my trip by not buying any food other than Lite n’ Easy. At the age of 54 I rocked a bikini in Hawaii for 2 weeks and I felt fabulous!

I have since lost another couple of kilos and I eat whatever I want on weekends, sticking to my Lite n’ Easy during the week on the 5 Day Meal Plan. I’m not a gym junkie so I find walking for 30 minutes a day and using some 5kg weights for toning is enough for me.

Lite n’ Easy provides me with a healthy and affordable way of living which I intend to continue indefinitely.

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