Start weight:
144 kilos (183cm)
Current weight:
94 kilos
Weight lost:
50 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

Before joining Lite n’ Easy I was a humiliating 144 kilos. I wasn’t motivated to be active and found myself in a vicious cycle, unable to prepare healthy meals or properly manage my portion control.

The final trigger for me was trying on a suit for my best friend’s wedding. I was in the biggest suit the retailer sold and I could not do up the button on the jacket. This was the turning point. I set myself a goal that come their wedding day I was going to fit into that suit.

I called Lite n’ Easy and started straight away. After pushing through the first couple of weeks I was astounded at how healthy I was feeling and the difference in both my appearance and attitude. After only six weeks I had dropped 25 kilos and was able to fit into a suit four sizes smaller, just in time for the wedding!

Motivated by this success and how healthy I was feeling, I continued to my next goal of 100 kilos and now sit at a comfortable 94 kilos – losing a total of 50 kilos. It has changed my life!

I began Lite n’ Easy to lose weight, but I have gained a new found appreciation of good healthy food and I actually enjoy exercising now.

The best outcome though, is that I also finally plucked up the confidence to propose to my girlfriend and we are getting married towards the end of the year – in Fiji!

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