Start weight:
104 kilos (180cm)
Current weight:
82 kilos
Weight lost:
22 kilos
Time frame:
15 months

I chose Lite n’ Easy as a more reliable solution compared to fad diets. Lots of my friends were doing the latest, crazy fad diets and they were trying to convince me to do them. But I wanted a safer way to lose weight which I could maintain in the longer term.

I did Lite n’ Easy in two stages – the first stage I lost 12 kilos from late September until Easter. Then in stage two where I lost an additional 10 kilos, so that’s 22 kilos in total. That’s what was so great about Lite n’ Easy, the flexibility to come and go as you need to.

I intend to continue with Lite n’ Easy even when I hit my goal weight in another 2-3 kilos. I will increase my exercise a little and order the 5 Day Meal Plan to maintain my weight.

Several of my workmates are now ordering Lite n’ Easy since seeing how well I’ve done. I have been given so many compliments with friends saying I look 5 years younger. Weight loss and eating healthy obviously agrees with me and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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