“I love the convenience!”

To me Lite n’ Easy isn’t all about weight loss. I started ordering about 10 months ago when I was going through a very stressful separation from my husband. I am a mother of three young children and work in a stressful job as an assistant principal.

As a newly single mum, I struggled to come up with exciting and nutritional meal ideas and snacks for myself. I would always make the kids lunches then forget about myself and go without eating throughout the day. So I started Lite n’ Easy for convenience more than anything.

Thanks to Lite n’ Easy I now eat a healthy lunch with snacks each day and I am loving the different options. I can’t wait to grab my lunch pack out of the fridge each morning to see what is on the menu for the day.

The Lite n’ Easy dinner meals have allowed me to also have variety with my evening meals as I often like to try something different to what I make the kids for dinner.

In short Lite n’ Easy has made such a huge difference to me being able to lead a healthy lifestyle and staying on top of my nutritional needs.

Thank you to everyone involved!

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