Start weight:
66 kilos (163cm)
Current weight:
53 kilos
Weight lost:
13 kilos
Time frame:
10 weeks

I have been up and down with my weight for the last 5 years since having my children. I found it quite an adjustment looking after two little ones and trying to find the time for myself. I had let myself go a little and would eat anything on the go and also ate whatever the kids didn’t finish. I was feeling tired all the time and had started to buy clothes in a bigger size because everything was so tight.

I had tried lots of diets over the years but Lite n’ Easy is the only one that works properly for me. I prefer the food to be prepared for me so it is less hassle and I love that there are no embarrassing and time-consuming meetings or weigh-ins.

The Lite n’ Easy meal plan is good because you can still eat all the foods you enjoy without cutting anything out, so you never feel like you are on a strict diet. It’s very easy to stick to.

The best thing about Lite n’ Easy is the food. There is nothing I don’t like. My favourites are the fresh meat and salad wraps for lunch. They are a perfect size, filling and there are different varieties so I never get bored. I also love the Butter Chicken for dinner.

I kept a photo of myself and what I wanted to look like as my screen saver for motivation and this helped to keep me going. It was great to see the changes in my body as each week went by. I started running again and it got easier and easier, every kilo that I lost.

All up I lost 13 kilos in 10 weeks with Lite n’ Easy and it is a great feeling. I feel like a new me – in a happier healthier version!

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