Start weight:
107 kilos (181cm)
Current weight:
82 kilos
Weight lost:
25 kilos
Time frame:
50 weeks

I had been thinking about trying Lite n’ Easy when I saw an ad where a man said, “I just tell everyone I’m on Lite n’ Easy”, and that made me realise it’s really as simple as that. To my surprise, the weight loss began in the very first week and continued with a steady 0.5 kilo loss per week. I started on the 7 Day 1800 Calorie Meal Plan but found after a few weeks I was able to decrease to 1500 calories then down again to 1200 calories plan where I have stayed.

I enjoy the food, I like the variety and especially the convenience of having everything ready to go straight away. My wife has also been on Lite n’ Easy for several months and she uses it mainly for the convenience of a ready meal during the week. I am a truck driver and have early morning starts so I take my Lite n’ Easy breakfast and lunch to work with me. It’s convenient, easy to put together if it’s a salad or a sandwich, and most of all it’s fresh and healthy.

I was 108 kilos in August 2017 when I placed my first order and in under a year I had lost 25 kilos to reach 82 kilos. I would still like to lose a few more but I feel so much better! I have heaps more energy, I’m sleeping well, have stopped snoring and am just generally enjoying life much more. I am no longer ashamed to have my photo taken so being invited to a Lite n’ Easy photo shoot was a real thrill.

I recently had my yearly medical check up and blood tests. My doctor rang to tell me everything was normal and in the healthy range and said  “Whatever you’re doing keep doing it.”

I am very happy with the results. After struggling for years to find a successful way to lose weight and maintain it, I’ve finally found it with Lite n’ Easy.

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*Individual results may vary

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