Start weight:
72 kilos (158cm)
Current weight:
57 kilos
Weight lost:
15 kilos
Time frame:
18 weeks

Before Lite n’ Easy I was 72 kilos and suffering terrible back pain due to arthritis. My doctor advised me to lose the excess weight to ease the pain. I wanted to feel and look fabulous turning 40.

So I decided to take action and called Lite n’ Easy.  From the very first week I was thrilled with the results and steadily lost 1 kilo each week.  By my 40th birthday I had already lost 14 kilos and have since lost 1 kilo more!

What I enjoy most about Lite n’ Easy is the convenience, the variety and the taste. I am so impressed with the quality and I get really excited to see the meals were pre-planned for me. As a busy working mum, this saves me a lot of time.

I can happily say my joint pain has improved and I am so much happier as a mum and a wife. Now my family and friends are also joining Lite n’ Easy after seeing my fantastic results.

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*Individual results may vary

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