Yvette and family


Lite n’ Easy is our life saver!

As a busy mum of teenage twin girls with mental health issues, I had let my own health go while I focussed on them. I ate on the run and there was lots of take away and late night meals after everyone finished work, TAFE and sporting activities. We were spending a fortune!

WhenI found out I needed my gall bladder taken out, I decided to give up smoking and order Lite n’ Easy to ensure I was eating healthy and regular meals when I came out of hospital. It was just the overhaul I needed.

My daughter Bethany has an eating disorder and the Lite n’ Easy Meal Plan was suggested by her dietitian as a good structured way of eating healthily to aid in her recovery. She loves the food and is eating normally now, which has been lifesaving for her.

Ironically her twin sister Emma put on a bit of weight with the stress of Bethany’s hospitalisation and this spiralled into depression. So we started ordering Lite n’ Easy for Emma too and she lost 12 kilos over the next 6 months.  She is now happy, healthy and studying nursing.

Our family is so much better off thanks to Lite n’ Easy and we just cannot thank them enough.

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