Vanessa W

Start weight:
65 kilos
Current weight:
55 kilos
Weight lost:
10 kilos
Time frame:
Customer for 7 years

I started my journey with Lite n’ Easy back in 2009 right before my 30th birthday. I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror and I wanted to make a positive change. I was sick of fad diets, so decided to give the program a try.

I lost 10kgs and saw amazing results, the meal plan couldn’t have been simpler to follow. I fell in love with Lite n’ Easy and how stress free losing weight became.

I’m now 37 and still a huge advocate for the Lite n’ Easy program. Seven years on and I am lighter and healthier than I ever have been. I have maintained that initial 10 kilo loss and managed to lose a few extra kilos along the way!

Lite n’ Easy has supported me through so many aspects of my life, it hasn’t solely been for weight loss, but also many life milestones, from losing a few kilos before my wedding, shedding that pesky winter weight and helping me lose unwanted baby weight after the birth of my little girl.

I am now a busy mum balancing a weekly routine of two part time jobs, study and running the family home. My new career in real estate is busy, on-the-go type of work, so I recently called on Lite n’ Easy to take the stress out of meal planning and preparation. The meals are just so convenient and easy, they help me stay healthy despite being busy, and my week is just so much easier!

For me, Lite n’ Easy isn’t just for weight loss, the convenience and options available on the program have meant I can just order dinners for the week or the next month depending on my schedule.

I am so grateful to Lite n’ Easy!

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