Start weight:
76.6 kilos (162cm)
Current weight:
62.6 kilos
Weight lost:
14 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

I’d tried lots of diets over the years. I would usually have some success in the first few weeks but then I would go off the rails, as it was never sustainable. I have always wanted to have a go at non-professional theatre. I did a couple of acting courses, but never quite had enough confidence to go for an audition. Being overweight was really holding me back.

I started Lite n’ Easy in January 2016. In the beginning I did the 7 days 1200 Calorie Meal Plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner options all covered. I love that every morning I had a different breakfast – it’s just like being on holidays at a Bed & Breakfast! The variety for the lunches is wonderful and it’s much healthier than grabbing something from the school canteen.

After a while I decided to mix it up a bit, so I dropped the dinners and tried the soups – yum! Then I tried the Lite Meals and this week I’ve ordered the Mini Meals. With so many different options you never get bored and I’m always impressed at the freshness of the food – particularly the fruit and vegetables.

As I started to lose weight my confidence began to increase. So much so, that I decided to go for an audition in an amateur theatre production. I was successful and had an absolute ball performing in the play. It was so wonderful to ‘strut my stuff’ on stage without worrying about my size.

I’m currently in my third play and with a full time job as a teacher and all the rehearsals and performances of an evening, the convenience of knowing exactly what I’m having for each meal, not having to waste time shopping is brilliant.

I’ve lost 14 kilos which has given me a renewed confidence and loads of energy to live my life to the full. I am finally doing all the things on my “bucket list” and absolutely loving it!

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