Start weight:
92 kilos (163cm)
Current weight:
58 kilos
Weight lost:
34 kilos
Time frame:
1 year

I am 40 years old and suffer from an illness known as DiGeorge Syndrome. I also suffer from polycystic kidney disease, schizophrenia and I am partially deaf and partially blind. Unfortunately, my medication is known to cause weight gain and a compulsion to eat. Combined with the fact that my disabilities made it difficult for me to cook, I ended up gaining a lot of weight.

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight in order to prevent Type 2 Diabetes. If injections were required 
I would have had to give up my independent lifestyle and move into a group home.

I started Lite n’ Easy weighing 92 kilos. Today I weigh 58 kilos! I am eating well and feeling fit which makes me more confident and happy. Three of my friends have been inspired to go on Lite n’ Easy because of me. One lady is a quadriplegic, so it is much easier for her to eat well now.

According to my renal specialist, my weight loss has prevented the onset of Type 2 Diabetes so I am able to maintain my independence.

Thank you for helping me.
 I love the food and will be on Lite n’ Easy for life.

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