Rachael & Liam

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Start weight:
107 kilos (169cm tall)
Current weight:
62 kilos
Weight lost:
45 kilos
Time frame:
6 years ago

We still love our Lite n’ Easy!

“Six years ago my life changed forever when I lost 45 kilos with Lite n’ Easy! At the time I was living in a share house with my then partner Liam and another couple. For several years we were all eating Lite n’ Easy for weight management and convenience.

I sent in my photos and success story mainly to say thank you to everyone at Lite n’ Easy for helping me to turn my life around. Then out of nowhere we were asked to appear in a Lite n’ Easy TV commercial! Filming was an absolute blast and we loved the idea that our story could inspire others to try Lite n’ Easy and change their lives.

Fast forward to today and I’ve married Liam, moved states, had a beautiful baby boy named Dempsey and have already gone back to full time work.

Life has changed you could say, but we still order our Lite n’ Easy. We know it works, we know it’s based on sound nutritional guidelines, not fads, and we absolutely love it!”

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