Start weight:
98 kilos (164cm)
Current weight:
71 kilos
Weight lost:
27 kilos
Time frame:
18 months

My light bulb moment came while on holidays with family & friends. My ankles puffed up due to the humidity and the fact that I was incredibly overweight at 98 kilos. I had bloods tests that showed I was pre-diabetic and I knew it was time to make a change.

Initially I signed up with another weight loss company, but their food was terrible and I still needed to add my own fruit and vegetables so it was not convenient at all. Luckily they had a 5 day cooling off period, so I cancelled after only 2 days and switched to Lite n’ Easy.

I was looking for healthy, portion controlled food and convenience as well.  Lite n’ Easy delivered on all fronts! I love the freshness and variety of the food and I have never felt hungry.  I have been ordering the 7 Day Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan for almost 2 years and I have dropped down to 71 kilos.  That is 27 kilos gone!

Life has definitely changed for the better since losing the weight. I actually like shopping for clothes and am wearing more professional clothes to work. I have more energy with the kids and my ankles no longer hurt when I walk long distances.

Even better, my recent blood tests show that my blood sugars are back to normal and I feel great!

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*Individual results may vary

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