Start weight:
107 kilos (180cm)
Current weight:
96 kilos
Weight lost:
11 kilos
Time frame:
10 weeks

I have been competing across the surfing scene since I was 12 years old and have always been very fit and enjoyed great results. The year before Lite n’ Easy I had mixed emotions about continuing to surf competitively. I slacked off in my training and started eating poorly, putting on 15 kgs in a relatively short period. I was competing in Taiwan and had another 1st round loss due to my weight and size. When I was sent a photo of myself from that competition I was gob smacked at how big I looked.

At first I tried nutritionists, doctors and then decided to give Lite n Easy a go when nothing else seemed to work. What I like most is the variety of food. There is always something different so I don’t get bored and I have choice, not just chicken or fish and salad. After I get home from training whether morning or evening, the food is always ready to go and easy to prepare.

I have lost 10kgs and am working my way towards the last 5kgs to be fit and ready to go for the 2017 season. I am feeling so much better within myself. I am getting my confidence back again and have started getting through heats in my competitions again which is an awesome feeling.

I plan to stay on Lite n’ Easy once I am back to my goal weight just for the variety and convenience and knowing it is ready when I am.

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