Start weight:
69 kilos
Current weight:
66 kilos
Weight lost:
3 kilos
Time frame:
Ongoing convenience

My husband and I have been eating Lite n’ Easy for convenience for the past 2 years and we have never felt better.

I travel overseas in my work and would often come home sick with the flu. But since ordering Lite n’ Easy and eating healthier in general, I haven’t had the flu once and neither has my husband.

We love all of the fresh fruit and salads for lunch in summer, then having a roast ready in minutes in the winter.  The customer service is great and the website is easy to order from so Lite n’ Easy is just a part of our lives for now and into the foreseeable future.

I am always telling my friends all about the Lite n’ Easy program – fantastic healthy food that makes you feel great – what’s not to love!?

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