Kathleen & Nyree


Mother and daughter duo, Kathleen and Nyree both enjoy having Lite n’ Easy meals on hand for any situation that life may throw their way. Kathleen features in our latest Lite n’ Easy TV commercial and at 71 years of age is a wonderful testament to good health.

“Mum and I are very close, in fact she lives right next door!  Considering she is in her 70’s, she has amazing energy levels and is still very involved in every facet of our daily lives including helping out with the kids. My husband and I both have busy careers so she is certainly worth her weight in gold to our family.

But when my Dad was hospitalised for an extended period, we found juggling busy careers, school runs, hospital rosters and meal planning for the family a lot harder than usual. Still, we were conscious that we needed to eat healthy, just to keep us going through such a busy and stressful time.

So we turned to Lite n’ Easy and stocked up our fridges and freezers each week.   It was so much easier knowing that everyone at home was being fed nutritious and tasty meals. It also allowed us to eat on the run and keep our energy up.  We ordered Lite n’ Easy Mini Meals and Meals in a Bowl for the kids, and a range of dinner meals for other family members who dropped in.

During this time it was nice to know that while we were busy running around, Lite n’ Easy was looking after us.   Now, if someone else is in a similar situation we make the call and order them a Lite n’ Easy care package – it’s always appreciated.”

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