Irina & Adam



Start weight:
90 kilos (171cm tall)
Current weight:
59 kilos
Weight lost:
31 kilos
Time frame:
1 year (2014)


Start weight:
90 kilos (175cm tall)
Current weight:
83 kilos
Weight lost:
7 kilos
Time frame:
6 months

“Before Lite n’ Easy I had lost my way, I was both unhealthy and unhappy. The moment I decided enough was enough was when I was putting on my jeans and I could no longer breathe in them. That was the biggest I had ever been.

“The very next day, I called Lite n’ Easy and embarked on this journey of transforming my life. I chose Lite n’ Easy because I was ready to make a change. I love so many things about this program. I love the convenience of having my food prepared and delivered. I also love the food itself, every day is a surprise and I am excited to open my packages to see what they contain, it is like a gift to myself and my body.

“I achieved results that I could only have dreamed of, losing 23 kilos in under a year!  My husband now enjoys Lite n’ Easy too and he has also lost a few kilos. My life is so very different now, I am active and I love to exercise.I am filled with boundless energy and I am keen to get out and about and enjoy life. I love clothes shopping and have even invested in a bikini.

“People are always asking how I changed my life and I always respond with my magical three words “Lite n’ Easy!”

Update from Irina – December 2016

Adam and I lost even more weight after our Lite n’ Easy photo shoot. I lost another 8 kilos and my fitness was at an all time high, but there was even better to come.

This year thanks to my weight loss and maintaining a healthy BMI, I have also fallen pregnant! Due to PCOS this had not been possible while I was overweight. We are absolutely thrilled. I’m now almost 6 months pregnant and very excited about what the next chapter will bring for us.

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