Start weight:
85 kilos (167cm)
Current weight:
63 kilos
Weight lost:
22 kilos
Time frame:

“Through all my years growing up I was the “bigger” one in my group of friends which affected my self confidence dramatically. Then when I left school and moved to the city to live independently, I gained even more weight. This was largely due to eating too much cheap and nasty takeaway food. I got to a size I had never been before.

“A co-worker at the time was using Lite n’ Easy and achieving great results. The food looked good and she said it was quite easy to stick to and she was really enjoying the food.

“Well long story short, that was almost 3 years and 22 kilos ago! I lost the majority of my weight within the first 18 months using the full meal plan. Since then I’ve ordered mainly for convenience to avoid the takeaway trap I fell into before.

“I am very proud to say that for two years I have been able to comfortably maintain this weight, even with having little luxuries like dinner and drinks out with friends.

“I absolutely love Lite n’ Easy. The meal plan has shown me that I can eat a wide variety of delicious food and snacks and still lose weight. The great thing about Lite n’ Easy is there IS pasta, there IS rice and there IS bread. Lite n Easy isn’t about what you can’t eat, it is all stuff we eat and enjoy in our everyday lives.

“Thank you Lite n’ Easy! I never dreamt this weight loss and self confidence would be achievable and l couldn’t be happier.”

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*Individual results may vary.

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